Samuel S. Greeley School

The diagrams above are conceptual and represent ideas developed during the Master Plan. They do not represent a design process or actual orientation of additions or renovations. Graphics are for illustrative purposes only. Here’s how to navigate this interactive graphic:

  1. Use the arrows in the TOP RIGHT corner of the image to toggle between floors.
  2. Click on each number in the images for Floors 1, 2, and 3 for more information about EMFP elements.
Year Built
# Past Additions
Existing Square Footage
Current Optimal Capacity

Identified Long-Range Needs

Building Needs





First Floor:
Toilet Room Renovations
Auditorium Renovations
Classroom Renovations
Create Hallway to KW Addition
Make Side Entrance ADA Compliant
Renovate Cafeteria
Renovate Gym

Second Floor:
Classroom Renovations
Upgrade Hallway Finishes
Toilet Room Renovations
Resource Center/Maker Space Renovations



Kinetic Wellness Addition
Cafeteria Expansion

Site Needs

Site Work


*The above items are listed with the Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate (OME) and site work allowance associated with the work.